Adventure Outdoors Policies

Campers at Adventure Outdoors

BOAT RESERVATION POLICY: Reservations are highly recommended for week-ends. Reservations paid in advance by credit card when making your float date will guarantee your rafts & canoes until 11 :00 am that day. On weekends during July and August we can run out of canoes and rafts quickly so try and make your reservations as soon as possible.

These charges will be run the day you make your reservations on the credit card you supply us. If you are making reservations for a group of friends or family and do not want to put all of the charges for them on your card. You can either get all of their credit card information and supply us with them. Or you can have them call in individually and give us their credit card information themselves.

We will need for you to come to the office to sign your credit card receipt and receive your float ticket. You must have your float ticket to board any water craft. A staff member will ask you for this before boarding the bus (9 mile float) or taking off beside the store for the (6 mile float). Please put this in a safe place where it will not be lost.

If you are with a large group and are getting a group discount. It IS the responsibility of the group organizer to get all payments gathered and make one reservation and payment. Then when you check in you will have to supply us with the name of the group organizer. This person will be given one float ticket for the whole group. The group organizer floats FREE!  Please see FORMS.

If you have still not checked in after 11 :00 a.m. we will assume you are not going to show. We will then rent your water craft  to someone else unless we hear from you that morning telling us you will be running late.


CAMPING RESERVATION POLlCY: Camping reservations must be made in advance also. We know you are excited about your stay with us, but please check in at the office first before setting up camp. We need to supply you with a vehicle registration (SEE FORMS) to put in your window to let our security know that you have made reservations and have paid for the campsite. Each vehicle in your group must have these in their car.  Be sure to tell us if you are with a group. It would be wise to have a name of the group so that we know where to refer you to. This can either be the person that organized it or a company name. After checking in and finding your group a camp site, let us know your site number so we can tell your friends or family where they can find you.

To avoid losing your deposit in case of a change or cancellation, a 10 day notice prior to the float or camping date is required. If 10 days advance notice for cancellation is given, your deposit will be refunded less a $20 service charge. If no notice is given your entire deposit will be lost.


RAINCHECK POLlCY: lt must be raining at Adventure Outdoors on the morning of your float; and if it is still raining at 12:00 noon, you will be issued a rain check, at our discretion based on availability. If it stops raining at Adventure Outdoors before 12:00 noon, no rain checks will be issued. This policy will be strictly adhered to. Cloudy conditions or rainy forecasts do not warrant rain checks. Sorry no cash refunds.

Remember it can be raining in St. Louis, but be sunny in Steelville. Please call and check before cancelling.